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Trust is such an incredible gift. Every time an individual trusts me to guide them, perform a healing on them or confides In me it is truly a humbling experience.

Trusting others for me personally has been and still can be at times (not really anymore) a difficult process. A survivor of childhood abuse then domestic violence, the path of trusting self and others was a bumpy journey. 

It was because of my lack of trust in humans that I found trust and solace in other spaces such as crystals, nature and my guides through meditation. With that connection and the arrival of my Star Disc my exploration and the unfolding of the Sowe Within Workshop happened. Practicing this simple (and sometimes complex) technique every morning and night outside I began to develop a deep connection with the Elements, the Earth and the Animals, in particular the Birds. 

Two or Three winters ago while in the back yard practicing I noticed a small nest from a wattle bird, Mum and dad busy keeping their egg safe. However at the time we where experiencing difficulties with an infestation of the imported Indian minor birds, nasty noisy little terrors, causing all sorts of havoc in the neighbourhood. Unfortunately about 1 week before the little now hatched wattle bird was meant to leave the nest these Indian minor birds kicked him from the nest and had taken it over for their own.

Hardly any feathers on his wings he couldn’t fly, he just ran around on the ground in the back yard during the day, Mum and dad never giving up on him, feeding him still and guiding him. I stayed close that week watching him often, sending reiki, talking from a distance, leaving little saucers of water for him. I had also created with sugar cane mulch a little make shift nest in a hanging plant/basket under the back veranda and every evening he would allow me to pick him up and place him in the basket. Every morning when I would come out he would be back down on the lawn tearing around chasing bugs and having fun, trying to get those wings to grow.

Some folks told me not to handle him that his mum and dad would reject him but my intuition told me otherwise so I trusted myself and they trusted me. One night we came home a little late, it was already dark and my mind was busy on trying to catch up from the day when I heard a small tapping sound on our back glass sliding door, I ignored it at first but it happened again and then a 3 rd time. I went to the back door turn on the light and here was Mumma bird, she was frantically trying to get my attention and kept going to the edge of the deck and calling me.  So I followed her and low an behold here is baby bird on the grass at the edge of the deck unable to fly up. I had forgotten to place him in the nest and Mumma bird was promptly reminding me. I picked him up and placed him in. From memory it took a good 10 days for his little wings to grow before he flew away with his mum and dad but returning often to the bird bath and always calling me when they did, he has a rather distinctive call that I recognise to be different from the others. 

Now let’s flash forward to the present. For the last week or so I see and hear baby bird, he is back and he has a lady friend, she’s quite the cutie to. For about three days they are hanging around the hanging pots on the back veranda. I didn’t think much about it at first, I thought just eating bugs etc and possibly showing off his new friend until about day 4. I was In the vegie garden revamping and he was coming and going , he landed on a branch right near me giving one of his unusual Squawks so I looked up to see he has twine in his beak, I then realised the coming and going is in fact nest building, my heart melted. You couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. We chatted as we always have, All good folks no crazy cat lady here just a crazy bird chick lol. 

Building a nest they where, they picked my favourite fern which gangs directly beside my bedroom door. They are the first sound I wake to and the first thing I see when I role up my blind and the first thing I speak to in my day. What a gift, what trust, what a connection.

The egg has been laid and I’m patiently waiting for my first granbird. 

TRUST, what a wonderful journey, thank you baby bird for trusting me love Kaz 💙🙏


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