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Every day there is so much to be grateful for. Being grateful is part of being healthy.

Speaking of health I have been testing my bodies PH levels morning, lunch and night before bed and have found there is one thing that greatly affects it, STRESS.

I eat very well although i do notice if I'm reckless with to much sugar, fruit, or alcohol my PH levels swing out of balance considerably. I also regularly exercise.

But stress of any kind swings the PH level so far out of balance that they are hard to bring back into balance. I understand for me personally this is because I'm such a sensitive being belonging to the tree of life as a soul crystal three and a directive four. 

For us to be healthy or for us to heal our PH levels in the body must be correct so I would encourage you all to research, learn and to start testing your own PH levels using your urine not saliva as food and drinks can influence the reading in the mouth and not represent a truthful PH level.

Besides good food, Yoga, Meditation, healthy Water, the Beach, Crystals, Reiki and avoiding assholes I use a Gratitude walk every morning in my garden or community to ground and be present. In the picture is a little visitor to my morning walk that bought me great gratitude for today, i hope you enjoy him as much as i did.

Bee energy is in crystalline language Azurite, they are the keepers of the orange flame. Azurite\bees remind us to successfully manifest we must start at the sacral allow the orange flame to travel the spine through the breathe to the third eye where we see what it is we desire to manifest, wrap it in the blue flames, then through breathe again allow that vision to drop into the green rays of the heart to be felt and released to the universe..... Happy walking, be present, be breathe and manifest,  love always kaz.

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