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Empty Nest

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And just like that his wings had grown and the nest was empty. Sadness and Joy, anxiety and excitement all experienced at once, you know just like the first time you watch your kids drive off in their own car. 
For those who have been following my little ray of sunshine, my feathered gran baby bird, the nest with a single egg by my bed room door had hatched. The sweetest chirps as he called for his food, the love felt as I had the privilege of watching him grow has come to an end.

I heard Mumma bird calling lots this day as if she was trying to get my attention. I kept going out to check to make sure there wasn’t something wrong but everything seemed fine until I couldn’t see that little head poking out above the nest. I instantly panicked looking on the ground, but nothing was found, anxiously looking in the nearby garden and trees, my heart sank thinking to myself he has gone, I missed it. Then I heard that sweetest sound, I recognised that chirp and as I looked up here he was on the rafters of the veranda, his little body shaking, nervous and scared he was looking around, Mumma bird calling him into the big wide world .She hadn’t been calling me she was calling him to fly.

I sat for a while just watching, gently telling him it was ok, I got you little one, if it doesn’t work out, I will simply lift you back up into the nest like I did your dad, TRUST, and fly. I swear he understood my words, spreading and ruffling his little wings, all while those little legs still shaking. And just like that he was gone, unlike his dad he flew and flew well.

For the rest of the day and a good part of the night I kept going out to check to see if he had come back to the nest, to see if he needed my help, but nothing, just an empty nest. My eyes where leaking a wee bit, but my heart was happy, fly well my sweet gran baby bird, I will look after your EMPTY NEST. 


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