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I often refer to my journey as a journey of Faith. There have been so many times in my life where I have repeatedly been doing something and then the intellectual understanding comes as to why it was important for me to do it that way, or to have even done it in the first place. 

 I remember the first guide that ever came to me and spoke with me during meditation, his name was Commander Ashtar from the white brotherhood. For eight years I kept him a secret and followed his every piece of advice. After eight years I finally came across a book that reveal who he actually was. The Author of that book was Doreen Virtue.

In previous years I had attended a weekend seminar/workshop with Doreen learning about the Angels and Connection. Although i'm not an avid reader I decided to read the book because I had done her workshop and in that book was the explanation of who Commander Ashtar was and what he stood for.

One of the directions I was given by Commander Ashtar was to use "Only Love is Real" as my logo. So i did exactly that and upon reading the book on him I find his Teachings are, Only Love is Real. All that time i just had the faith to follow not really knowing the why. Faith can be a testing journing but such a rewarding one in the End.

I compare the journing of Faith to city Four on the Tree of Life. A city full of unconditional love, life lessons and blind faith.

My most recent experience with faith has been closing the shop front and working from a private studio and Martial Arts Centre in Brendale. It was so scary at first but has seen some great connections and given me the down time and space to reconnect to my magic and Faith. After running a few Reiki Workshops a Fairy Ring has appeared in my yard in front of my most favourite buddha and pond.

I have recently followed faith and began meditating in the circle to see what comes. The smell was the first thing I connected to, a strong musky smell like mushrooms but slightly different. The ground/earth is warmer, and I can hear and feel the whisper of the wind with ease and grace. I am often visited by various brightly coloured dragon flies and even some small finches. I have also had certain devas connect with me and begin to communicate.

I truly am just following faith as I explore this space and I look forward to blogging and sharing all I learn. love always kaz.


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