Yoga Goddesses – Earth Vibrations

Yoga Goddesses

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Curvaceous, Powerful and channeling their higher selves these cute as Crystal Yoga Goddesses are a want!!!! Great workmanship and quality presentation they are going to not last long.

Rose Quartz- Unconditional Love & Forgiveness Fluorite- Calming & Cooling, Psychic Protection Clear Quartz- Amplification, Clearing, Everything Aventurine- best version of self, spread your wings Strawberry Quartz- Joy, Bliss, Universal Love

I only have 3 available in each, and will adjust the quantities available as they sell. Currently Available

rose qtz x 2 , fluorite x 2, clear qtz x 2, Aventurine x 2, strawberry Quartz x3.

 Measuring 10cm high x 6 cm wide and weighing approximately 135 to 165 grams each.