Whispers of the Ocean Oracle Cards – Earth Vibrations

Whispers of the Ocean Oracle Cards

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Immerse yourself in the wisdom of the deep.

Enjoy the flow and master the currents of your life with playful dolphins, patient seahorses, regenerative starfish, and other fascinating marine beings.
Ask a question, shuffle the cards and tap into the intelligence and grace of our planets, rich healing and revitalising oceans for divination, direction and decision-making.
This sumptuous new collaboration from Angela, Heartfield and Ekaterina  Golovanova delves beneath the surface and connects you with the ancient, knowing and wondrous companions so you can draw on greatest strength, replenish your reserves, turn the tide on uncertainty and emerge, with clarity, purpose, and confidence.
Powerful, versatile and sensitive, whispers of the Ocean will help you ride the waves of life, so you can come out on top.  
Dive into this gloriously illustrated 50 Card Deck and guidebook set and marvel at the beauty, forgotten treasures, and hidden wonders within you.