Gold Sheen Obsidian Moon Lge – Earth Vibrations

Gold Sheen Obsidian Moon Lge

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When you move this beauty you are immediately drawn into its vibrancy and vibration. With the cutest smile you know your about to be shown your cycles and the cycles of those around you.

Hang on as this stones vibration takes you to the understanding of your core issues. Gold Sheen Obsidian has a way of reflecting back to us exactly what is the issue and how to fix it, but remember you have to do the work, the stone is not going to do it for you. Perfect choice for Gazing.

Gold Sheen Obsidian allows our and others inner beauty to truly shine balancing energy fields, eliminating ego and conflicts. 

One Only, Measuring the 14cm x 9cm x 2cm and weighing approximately 335grams.

Price per moon thank you.