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Tree of Life Workshop

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The Tree of Life is a road map of the Self and our external world.

If your not happy with yourself or your life, understanding the Tree can give you a simple pathway of change and awareness for growth in the right direction.

In this workshop we will explore the layers of the Tree. Where you belong on the Tree and what your meant to be embracing and learning this time around in physicality.

We will also explore your



& Higher Purpose.

Where they fit on the Tree and the role each of them play for you.

Understanding the Tree of Life is an easy pathway to understanding Self and Life.

There is preparation work before the day on my end and i will need some personal information from you before the day to work out your pathways etc, so please contact me directly once you have paid your deposit thank you. .

Investment $50, please note a $25 Non refundable deposit is required at the time of booking to secure your space..

The address of the Location will be provided after registration thank you.

Karen ..........0415160026

 2 scheduled dates so far .....

Beerwah 22/06/19 10am - 3pm

Bundaberg 7/07/19  10am-3pm