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Tigers Eye Lg Tumble Stones

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Tigers Eye is such a warming, protective, activating stone.

We all have those times where ego is triggered, or that time we reacted to a situation in the poorest manner, well Tigers eye is here to help.

My favourite way of explaining the energy of Tigers Eye is this-

Your on a beach, Your Alone, Its sunny and you can hear the waves, your feet are buried ankle deep in the warm sand, your standing solid, upright and strong, Now close your eyes and take your awareness to the sun connecting with your crown/top of your head. Take a deep breathe inwards and let the suns ray cleanse you and fill you with clean energy. Take those rays and breathe all the way to those feet in the sand and exhale. Take another deep breathe in and feel the remembrance of your strong safe intelligent self rise up from the sand through your body to the crown, be still in this moment, What your feeling in this moment is tigers eye, the remembrance of personal power.

Tigers Eye is great for confidence, self reliance, Action, Drive, Personal Power, Courage, Grounding, Protection, Abundance, Travel, and The Spine.

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