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Tibetan Skeletal Quartz Clusters

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Tibetan Skeletal Quarts is known for its powers of protections and purification.

It is said to clean and amplify the Aura, raising your vibration so the physical body can align to its light body.

Offering protection during meditation, healing, channelling and connecting you to the wisdom of the Tibetan Monks.

Skeletal Quartz can be known as a form of Elestial Quartz and exhibits the same properties.

Known as the Angelic Truth, connecting you strongly to the Angelic Realms and communication to these celestial beings, also to the conscious use of your own personal power.

A powerful Brain balancer, useful for epilepsy, schizophrenia, and repairing the brain from addiction, especially drug use and disease.

A power healing stone of light belonging to the the halls of Shambala on the tree of life. 

A- 55 grams now sold thank you 

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G- 60.2 grams

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