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Thulite Tumbles

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Coming all the way from Norway, rich in colour and excellent quality is Thulite.  

Thulite is known to bring a positive and joyful attitude to its wearer, opening us up to a more optimistic view on life and relationships. Thulite can help us be more open and accepting in our relationships and increase our capacity to show sympathy for others.

Thulite is known as a stone of expression and passion, giving people the confidence to speak and perform in front of others. A great choice for introverts, this stone can increase self-confidence and make us more outgoing.

 Thulite is a good stone to aid in breaking destructive habits and fighting addiction. It gives us the strength to move on from the errors of our past. It is a strong healing stone, also known to improve concentration, balance and coordination.

You will notice these specimens are also containing pockets of clear calcite and will hold the additional benefits of Calcite.