The Restoration Grid – Earth Vibrations

The Restoration Grid

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We all need that something nurturing at times right. Dis ease is something that can anchor in our physical bodies with the most uncomfortable consequences. It’s ok to say yes to a helping hand to enable ourselves to reach the Happy, Healthy Self. Hear this babies song.

Lay upon the Earth and be still, soak up my light and breathe. Let my calmness and stability wash you clean of all negativity, blockages and bindings. Hear the gentle whispers of the wind cleaning your mind, feel my acceptance and connection in your heart. In this moment you are perfectly loved and you belong, I am you and you are me, symbiotic,  together we offer a pathway of peace and light. 
From the stars above we watch and nurture you, we are always there. 

Supporting your Restoration 

Rutile Smokey Quartz - Healing, Star Beings, Frequencies, Alignment 

Amazonite - Pacification, Flow, Maintenance 

Aventurine - Balancing, Re enforcement, Healing light, Medicine Wheel.

Selenite - Guidance, Past & Future Lives, Higher Self, Conscious Self.

Flower of Life -  Creation, we all started from the same blueprint 🙏

Please note the Top Two Smokey Quartz specimens are very high quality Silver Rutile Smokey Quartz . 

Woven with the purest of Love and for the highest good of the reciever. 

Length 55 cm x 10 cm Wide. One Only.