The Power of the Elements – Earth Vibrations

The Power of the Elements

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How to find a deeper meaning and magical workings with earth, air, fire, water and spirit and connect with the old ways.
Many contemporary pagan books really go further than describing the use of the elemental energies as markers in casting the circle. In the power of the elements we consider drawing on the energy from the deepest level of the oceans, the highest peaks of the mountains, the limits of outerspace and the path of the hurricane. And why it is so important to return to the classic elements of the Greeks if we really want our magic to work.

Melusine Draco originally trained in the magic arts of traditional British old craft with Bob and Meriden Clay-Egerton. She has been a magical and spiritual instructor for over 20 years with our kingdom and the temple of him, and rider of numerous popular books. She now lives in island near the Galtee Mountains.

Paperback 89 Pages. Melusine Draco.