The Phoenix Grid – Earth Vibrations

The Phoenix Grid

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Every Sunrise offers a new opportunity to rise again from the ashes of yesterday leaving behind the old you and offering the embrace and belief in a new “YOU”.
Just like the Macaw we can Awaken audaciously to the new day, the new beginnings. Rise and shed your tiresome self, embrace and embody the mind of your unlimited celestial template and release all bondages. Wear your new template as a ceremonial robe of heart, mind and serenity Amen. 
Supporting your Rebirth

Lapis Lazuli - before time, royal, regal, Awareness

Hematite - Stone of the mind, attunement, transformation

Clear Quart - Light, Amplification, Wisdom

Feather of the Macaw (I was gifted these just recently, he was nearly 90 years old)

Butterfly - the souls of your Ancestors 

You have been here before as we all have but this time you have some special help, you are worthy💙 Woven with the purest and highest intention for the reciever🙏

Length 60 cm x Width 11.5 cm One Only