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The Light Language Tarot

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Channel the messages of light from our universal guides, listen to the song of your soul.

The cards in this deck contain your very own light language waiting for you to finally communicate with your guides and your higher self. Chloe Metcalf‘s Dubet oracle deck, The Light Language Oracle has finally been birthed into our reality!
This unique 52 card deck and guidebook offer an opportunity to connect with guides on multiple levels. Light language is healing in its essence. Spoken or written the words come from the heart space and allow the subconscious to connect with the written codes of light language and heal on a deeper cellular and spiritual level. This fresh perspective from an indigo soul takes you on a journey to rise up with support on a multicultural and multi dimensional collection of guides.
The artwork has been created from Chloe‘s original sketches and then transformed by the very talented digital artist Lilly Marie Mills. So let’s get connected with light beings, animals, goddesses and mermaids and get communicating with your unique souls light language.