Tanzanite Pendant – Earth Vibrations

Tanzanite Pendant

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Petite and Seriously a high quality Tanzanite set in Sterling Silver .
Tanzanite The stone of Magic or The Angelic Messenger. By far one of my most favourite crystals, one I have worked with extensively.

Tanzanite transmutes all negative energies into the vibration of love and Understanding and Powerfully activate the power flame within us. 

Activating the crown, throat and third eye chakras Tanzanite connects us directly to the Angelic Kingdom and allows us to interpret messages, visions and be protected in the process. 

Tanzanite can remove the concept of time, space and limitations. Making her the perfect choice for those always saying they don't have enough time. 

It has been said that Tanzanite is great for clairvoyance, clairaudience, soul records, gifts, personal power, angelic communications. 

Weighing 5.5 grams , set in Sterling Silver , One Only and a very high grade quality. Measuring 3 x 1.2 x .8 cm.