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Sunstone Aztec Sun Stretch Bracelet

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This Aztec Sun, Sun Stone Stretch Bracelet was Lovingly hand made and Reiki blessed by Kaz. The Sun Stone beads are a very high Quality.

Sunstone activates, brightens and energizes all the chakras, and often comes to those experiencing hard times, depression or illness of the stomach. 

Representing the life force, power, strength and abundance of the sun. Sunstone can bring good fortune to those in need.

Perfect for encouraging independence, happiness, vitality and luck. Removing hooks and cords and returning that energy back to a space of light. Often used by the ancients in ceremony to provide protection from the destructive forces of other realms.

Great for ulcers, stress, protection, self worth, fears, depression, life force, inflammation, bones, stomach, chi energy, vitality and good luck.

One size fits all.

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