Sulphur – Earth Vibrations


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These specimens are so unusual. My supplier from overseas assures me they are natural but I think not, however when you look and feel past the added boldness there is real Sulphur undernieth, so I say here we have the best of both worlds as some man made crystals are truly beautiful and offer us some unique forms of energy.

These specimens really do have the weirdest vibe lol, it’s almost outer world like Moldervite or an Andara yet of the Earth , deep Earth, like petrified wood, a seriously interesting combination. My Clair audience kicks in and I can hear a distance ceremony taking place, like ancestors calling.

Lets talk colour, Yellow, well this is about as yellow as your going to get. Energizing, sparking self worth and confidence, attracting all currency of abundance these beauties are singing out for you to be the very best version of your self.

Disolving the blockages, melting away the negativity and programs so that you can be YOU, glorious, vivacious YOU, not something someone else wanted you to be!!!!

Used by the South Americans, Mexican Indians, and the nomadic tribes of North America for healing and the removal of darkness through the 4 cardinal points, north,south, east and west, Mother Earth and Father Sky, cleansing corruption from the Earth Plane. Beam me up Scotty there’s the ceremony I could hear. 
Stunningly beautiful, vibrant and calling, these beautiful specimens are waiting for YOU. 
Weighing 794.7 grams and measuring 16.5cm x 13cm.