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Spirit Quartz Macramé Necklace

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These Spirit Quartz Necklace are uniquely different. Each one a different shade of purple cord and a different type of crystal bead. 

A. The lightest purple has an Amethyst (calming)bead.

B. The medium purple has an Agate (balance)bead.

C. The darkest purple has a Charoite (individuality)bead.

All adding something to the already scrumptious energy of Spirit Quartz. 

Spirit Quartz is found in Boekenhout, Republic of South Africa, on tribal land, where it is excavated and cleansed by the Kwan Kwa _Ndebele_Mphumanlanga (women of the tribe).

Perfect for meditation in solving group or community problems, creating an energy of abundance. Bringing an energy of cohesion and a willingness to work together. It is also often used as a linking stone, linking people, places or situations.

Spirit Quartz has a powerful healing and cleansing energy allowing it also to activate and cleanse other crystals/minerals.

Stimulating discernment, awareness and generating pure white light energy it’s the perfect stone for rectifying energy disturbances. 

Increases Patience, perseverance, fertility, dreaming, protection, self worth, past life connection and stability for the future. 

Each necklace has been lovingly hand made by Kaz and has an adjustable length.