Sphalerite Tower Large – Earth Vibrations

Sphalerite Tower Large

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This stunning Sphalerite Tower stands 20 cm tall and weighs well over the kilo, 1.188kgs. In this particular specimen it is the orange and green that is the sphalerite the purple I believe is Amethyst. 
This specimen contains so many sparkling pockets of goodness and also displays some very beautiful rainbows.

Balancing the Yin & the Yang, in particular perfect for toning down to much masculin (yang) energy. 
Helping us identify deceit and treachery and allowing us to perceive the perils of a situation so one may change the choice to participate.

Supporting psychic development and encouraging one to be there own psychic. Reminding us it is only the lack of belief that stops us achieving this development, everyone can develop their skill set.

It!s Motto is TRUST THY SELF....

Enhancing meditation, clarity, manifestation, alignment, activation, protection, purpose, and attunement. 

Physically assisting the eyes, the nervous system, blow flow and the assimilation of nutrients.