Smokey Quartz Sphere – Earth Vibrations

Smokey Quartz Sphere

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Dark and stormy throwing hues of silver light as you gaze into this beauty. Stunning and a fabulous quality this baby is very reasonably priced. 

Smokey Quartz is such a must have stone for the many in today's world. Smokey holds the highest quota of light on the Earth Plain at Present. Dark Smokey such as this sphere is perfect for working on the Solar plexus, hands and feet, penetrating those areas dissolving and transmuting negative energies created from anger, resentment, fear and negative thought patterns.

Smokey is extremely grounding and I highly recommend it for the use on healing beds at the feet of clients and as a remedy if you are suffering with Depression, insecurity, fear, failure, and or generally tired of Life itself. 

Smokey is also known as the stone of co-operation and so there for is great for business, ceremonies, family and relationships. 

A prolonged intense energy, Smokey is in for the long haul, gently working its magic. This piece has been sourced from Brazil.

Weighing 377 grams and measuring the size of a mandarin.