Smokey Quartz Moon XL – Earth Vibrations

Smokey Quartz Moon XL

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Smiling and throwing multiple Rainbows this Smokey Quartz Moon is seeking a forever home.

Penetrating and a boss at dissolving unwanted energies and blockages Smokey Quartz works its magic at the Solar plexus, hands and feet.

Grounding, stabilising and assisting us at processing just about anything because of the light quoter it holds, Smokey Quartz is so desirable in these times. 
I highly recommend it for practitioners to use  in the right hand, at the feet of or under a treatment table to assist clients not experiencing overwhelm during healing sessions or guidance consultations. 

A prolonged gentle yet intense vibration Smokey Quartz promotes protection, higher awareness, intuition, equilibrium, and the movement of the Kundalini. 

Measuring 20cm high x 13cm wide x 2cm thickness and weighing over the kilo, 1.019 kg.

This is a unique one only piece for EV. Laybye is welcome, we offer 8 wks, to organise please contact Kaz on 0415160026 .