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Smokey Quartz & Garnet Buddha Pendant

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This Unique Smokey Quartz, Garnet and Bronze Buddha Pendant is set in Sterling Silver and just screams Relationships, Relationship with your inner self and relationships with others especially family.

Smokey Quartz is such a must have stone for the many in today's world.

Smokey holds the highest quota of light on the Earth Plain at Present. Smokey is extremely grounding and I highly recommend it for the use on healing beds at the feet of clients and as a remedy if you are suffering with Depression, insecurity, fear, failure, and or generally tired of Life itself. 

Smokey is also known as the stone of co-operation and so there for is great for business, ceremonies, family and relationships. 

Garnet is represent by the Kookaburra in the animal Kingdom and is a powerful stone that reminds us of the commitment to purpose, to others, and to oneself. 

Promoting health by extracting negativity from all chakras and transmutes the energy to a beneficial vibration. Helps develop the kundalini energy. Adjusts and monitors the flow of energy providing a balanced aura and body. 

Discouraging disruptive kaotic growth and bringing order to kaos Garnet allows us to stay committed through the vibration of love and courage to ourselves, our friends and family and to the purpose of ones existence. 

Perfect for the heart, blood, lungs, base chakra, courage, purpose, self and relationships.

Weighing 25 grams and measuring 7cm in length x 3cm in width. 

Please note cuff not included.