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Smokey Quartz and Ankh Bracelets

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These Smokey Quartz Stretch Bracelets where lovingly hand made and Reiki blessed by Kaz.

Smokey Quartz is such a must have stone for the many in today's world. Smokey holds the highest quota of light on the Earth Plain at Present.

Smokey is extremely grounding and I highly recommend it for the use on healing beds at the feet of clients and as a remedy if you are suffering with Depression, insecurity, fear, failure, and or generally tired of Life itself. 

Smokey is also known as the stone of co-operation and so there for is great for business, ceremonies, family and relationships. 

I have had the pleasure of meeting two young men that hold the Smokey Quartz as a Soul vibration and let me tell you they are full on. Extremely intelligent, high vibrational, highly active, doing, grounding influences. 

Please note one of these bracelets contain Lava Stone.