Smokey Quartz, 139hz, Blue, Crystal Tuning Fork – Earth Vibrations

Smokey Quartz, 139hz, Blue, Crystal Tuning Fork

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The Power of Three, Sound/Hz frequency, Crystal frequency & Colour frequency.

Vibrating 139 times per second through C note, activating, stabilising the base connecting it to the Heart and 3rd eye Chakras, with the energies of Smoky Quartz and the Blu-rays.

Co operation is the theme of this tuning fork, allowing full communication, full expression, truth and voice, of the mind, body and soul. What language is being spoken, are you listening? take the time to create a ceremony for self or that special someone . 

Let the light I sing, the sensory stimulation I bring, the security I create, vibrate through every layer of self. Cooling, loving, and uplifting. Depression, fear, failure, suffering, fatigue, pain, insomnia, stress and muscle tension be gone. Channelling, higher communication, translation, fluidity, voice, realisation, sleep, relationships and family welcome. 

3 only, each one slightly different and each one has a different coloured bag so if you have a preference please let us know. Contains- 1 tuning fork, mallet, Alan key, card and bag.