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Smokey Citrine Lemurian Wands

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These hard to come by Smokey Citrine Lemurian wands have such yummy energy and many of them have extra inclusions which i will individually list below. 

These wands carry a combination of energies, Citrine, Smokey Quartz and Lemurian Quartz as well as the individual formations.

Lemurian Quartz -

Lemurians are considered Master crystals often appearing in a wand formation tapering from the base to point with deep ridges on the sides. Lemurians aid in all forms of healing and spiritual evolution, removing all blockages.

It has been said that Lemurian crystals are planted in a grid pattern over the surface of the earth and beyond, to other galaxies and dimension. When you connect to the energy contained in your lemurian it is said that you are in fact connecting into that entire grid system.

 Your lemurian needs to be activated before connecting to it, one of the ways recommended to do this is to gently rub your finger down the ridges while meditating. 

Citrine - 

Citrine the stone of Abundance does not hold negative energy, in fact it transmutates it into a higher more positive vibration. Often referred to as the merchants stone it is recommended you place one of these beauties in the Abundance corner of your home, cash box or purse. 

Citrine emits a comforting, warming, vibrant energy that is motivating, empowering and activating. Citrine has the ability to open, cleanse and enhance every chakra especially the solar plexus and sacral. 

She brightens the darkest corner of ones reality allowing us laughter without restraint. Needing a fresh new start then citrine is calling you.

Great for the thyroid, circulation, eyes, digestion, thymus activation, self confidence, personal power, responsibility, abundance and self worthiness.

Smokey Quartz -

Smokey Quartz is such a must have stone for the many in today's world. Smokey holds the highest quota of light on the Earth Plain at Present.

Smokey is extremely grounding and I highly recommend it for the use on healing beds at the feet of clients and as a remedy if you are suffering with Depression, insecurity, fear, failure, and or generally tired of Life itself. 

Smokey is also known as the stone of co-operation and so there for is great for business, ceremonies, family and relationships. 

I have had the pleasure of meeting two young men that hold the Smokey Quartz as a Soul vibration and let me tell you they are full on. Extremely intelligent, high vibrational, highly active, doing, grounding influences.   

A. The smallest of the group, 8cm long, but  powerful containing a  large key in the centre of the wand. please note the tip is missing. KEY formations are used to unlock pathways and gateway that have been previously inactive.. a great problem solving tool.

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I hope you enjoy the energy of these special crystal babies as much as i have while caretaking for them until they find the souls they are meant to work with.

Please remember to let us know which one you are purchasing please luv kaz 04151660026 or