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Siri Nyoke Tumble Stones

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 Excellent quality, brilliant colour and texture, this Siri Nyoke is the real deal and was locally sourced from Broken Hill in NSW.

Siri Nyoke is know as a form of Nunderite. Nunderite is a mix of brown Andalusite Quartz and Epidote and comes from New South Wales in Australia.

It is a gentle healer, helping to uplift emotions, and motivate you to perform at your best. It helps to dissolve negative and depressing thoughts, and grounds you encouraging patience and calm.

During times of change, Nunderite helps you to remain grounded and calm, and helps you to break away from negative attachments and to forgive others during times of stress.

Siri Nyoke has a  shamanic connection with the Wilyakali people of Australia, reminding us of ancient wisdom and encouraging respect of land, people, ritual & tradition.

Healers have used Nunderite to broaden their spiritual awareness and further their growth. It is also said to quieten anxiety which makes this a great stone for empaths or those who need a little help sometimes.

This stone helps you see the bigger picture .