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Fairy Lights - Whelk Shells

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These beautiful little 185 cm long strands of Whelk Shell Fairy Light are a must have and this is why!! CONCHOMANCY....

We all love shells, and have certainly collected many of them in our life times, but did you know that the beautiful sea shells that we collect and use to decorate our lives and homes with have healing properties, like our sparkly healing crystals, that offer another level to our self-healing practices?

Adorning us with sacred geometry of the ocean and the magic of the moon these little beauties hold the powerful energy of the great Mother Goddess herself. 

Shells have been used for centuries by many ancient, and modern day tribes, for a number of purposes – healing, protection, spell work, self-love practice, currency, and spiritual  & psychic awareness and growth/enhancement to name a few.

For example, sea shells can contain and enhance Reiki with their shape, size, and structure, allowing a gentle but powerful healing energy that works with the healer to cleanse, balance and harmonize the aura and chakras! Perfect to add to a healing grid, to place on an alter, healing bed, healing room, your favorite room, client or yourself. 

Whelk shells are used for making dramatic, positive changes in your life. in addition on offer are the colour rays presented through the shell with the lights, Blue, Pink, Green and Gold.

Battery operated these cuties can be used in any location.