Septarian Wands – Earth Vibrations

Septarian Wands

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Septarain Nodules contain Calcite and are often found in Australia.

Commonly known as the speaking stone, gifting one all aspects required to calmly, honestly, respectfully speak to an audience or another for long periods of time with ridiculous ease, with out loosing the interest of the other party even if the audience seems to be not interested.

Septarian Nodules can be placed in the center of healing or drumming circles assisting with energies, and healing where is needed the most. 

Instilling patience, endurance, tolerance and survival, allowing one to be always prepared to manifest in ones life and to transfer to ones outer presentation. 

Promoting connection to the animal totems Turtle and Beetle for freedom of movement and self healing abilities.

It has been said it assist in the treatment of tumors and growths, preventing degeneration of teeth and bones and to help enhance the muscular structure.  

A. 159.4 grams   Length 13 cm

B. 171.0 grams    Length 13.5 cm

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