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Selenite & Green Tourmaline Pendant

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This Selenite and Green Tourmaline Pendant is set in sterling Silver and would be perfect for those studying Herbalism, Homeopathic Medicine, The Plant Kingdom or anybody needing guidance on how to heal Father/Masculine issues.

Selenite is a vibration equal to the Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen, the Level Two Reiki symbol they call the Bridge. Selenite like the Hon-Ze-Sho-Nen connects us to past lives and or future lives as well as the present life we are living in this moment.

Selenite when gently rubbed with the finger can induce visions of these lives to enable us to find the answers we need to make choices appropriate choices.

Selenite can assist in the acquisition of material needs in business. Providing flexibility and strengthening ones decisions. Assisting in justice, lessening assumption, reconnecting the conscious self with the higher self.

Selenite is also a great stone for providing information about what is wrong in the body and how to fix it. In particular it works well with the spinal column, removing blockages, encouraging energy flow. 

Used as a detox for removing toxins associated to fillings in the teeth, cell rejuvenation,  protecting membranes, age spots, wrinkles, tumors, and light sensitivity.Selenite can bring stability to epileptic disorders and can generally expand ones life span. The perfect stone to be refer to as The Spiritual Guide. 

Selenite should not be placed in water or will begin to break down and discolour.

Green Tourmaline Is the stone of enlightenment attuning the energies between heart and third eye.

While possessing a rather masculine energy Green Tourmaline can also bring compassion.

Green tourmaline holds the essence of the plant kingdom and therefore is good for plant healing and our gardens/yards. It is also useful while studying the practice of herbalism.

Attracting creativity, success, abundance, and prosperity Green Tourmaline is said to be good for the eyes, heart, thymus, ductless glands, and immune system. 

It has also been said it is great for rectifying psychological issues relating to the  father or the male energy in ones life.