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Sardonyx Palm Stones

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These tumbled free form palm stones are exquisite quality weighing from 40 to 49 grams.  

Sardonyx is a form of Banded Agate, and are very similar to Onyx and Carnelian. Dating back to the ancient times of Egypt, Greece and Rome it has been a highly sort after and used crystalline structure. Back in the Roman days it was believed Sardonyx was associated with Mars the god of war and was worn as cameos by the officers as good luck talismans, to protect against evil and to bring good fortune. 

Sardonyx  offering stabilization and strength is said to be the stone to use for legal matters, obtaining justice and enforcing good moral ethic, ensuring willpower & discipline.

Bringing tangible results, increased business results, good fortune and endurance it is a stone highly recommended for those that are builders, athletes, physio therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors or simply for those seeking success with their occupations. 

Allowing happiness, optimism, clear communication and supporting partnership Sardonyx is desired by those needing grounding and support with the sacral and base chakras.