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Sage & Lemongrass Seed Smudge Sticks

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Smudging simply clears a space or individual of lower vibrations. It is wise once you have cleared a space to put something back in the space to raise the vibration to keep the negativity away.

Why not be practical and smart and use a combination smudge stick so that you’re clearing and replacing at the same time.

These rustic ritualistic smudge sticks have been handmade by Kaz and offer not only the clearing of Vibrations  but the raising of the vibrations.

Each smudge stick offers its own unique vibration by using organic Australian grown Sage,  Organic Lemon Grass Seeds from her garden, A Crystal, feathers and a symbol.

Lemongrass is a great magickal plant which you can use to promote openness to new ideas or people. It’s great for providing some magickal help if you struggle with communication. Lemongrass is thought to attract the fae. 

White sage , sometimes known as sacred sage, is highly valued as a ceremonial and ritualistic plant and is deemed to have great spiritual and emotional cleansing properties and is now used by many people for this purpose. 

Native traditions relate that wherever sage is used, no evil influences may enter. The sacred ritual of purifying with smoke (smudging) comes from many indigenous people around the world.

Smudging maybe be used to purify the body, aura, pets, home, offices, and healing rooms, in fact any space or item. These bundles are made as tools of empowerment. 
1. Crystal Citrine is for Abundance-what currency do you require? The pentagram representing the elements, air, earth, water, fire & spirit .

2. Crystal Clear Quartz is for Amplification-what are you needing amplified? Ganesha-the remover of obstacles.

Woven, Charged & Sung while the Earth Vibrated Zircon ( life changes).

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