Rutile Smokey Quartz Tumble Stones – Earth Vibrations

Rutile Smokey Quartz Tumble Stones

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Rutile Smokey Quartz holds all the properties of the Smokey Quartz as well as the Rutile.
Rutilate Quartz has a resounding effect of our Etheric and Astral bodies. Rutile assists us in understanding the basis of the problem and enables us to access it so we can remedy it with an appropriate pathway and action.

During Astral Travel Rutile provides information into the reason why we are visiting a specific location and why we might being viewing the things we are viewing. 

Rutile is very helpful when exploring the outer world and star beings.

Smokey Quartz holds the highest quoter of light transforming all negative emotions and patterns, dissolving, yet  soothing and grounding. 
Prolonged endurance is the mantra of this much needed vibration. 
Varied sizes from Standard to Large from Brazil. 
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