Rutile Quartz Unicorn – Earth Vibrations

Rutile Quartz Unicorn

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Here is something special that you don’t see every day. This unique one off Rutile Quartz unicorn is quite a statement, throwing some beautiful rainbows and emitting and energy of strength, courage and remembrance. 

Rutile Quartz affects both the astral & ethrical bodies. Assisting one in understanding the root cause of all problems, allowing for problem solving and the dissolution of dis-ease.

Supporting Astro travel, Rutilated quartz allows one to understand the reasoning behind visiting certain locations and how that could be relevant to ones current circumstances in the now.

Reconnecting us to the Healing knowledge and memories of the Ancient  Civilizations of Mu, Og and Zu. 

Promoting Spiritual Growth, releasing the past, relieving negativity, fears, anxiety and phobias.

Weighing 365 grams and measuring 12cm x 14cm.