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Rutilated Quartz

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These very high quality pieces of  Rutilated Quartz have a strong energy that began to instantly heat me up so I chose a piece to work with myself, how about you? Take a moment and gaze for a while as you tap into their energy.

Rutilated Quartz features rutile needles. What is that? Rutile is the most abundant naturally occurring form of titanium dioxide combined with varying amounts of iron oxide. This gives it its golden to coppery hue, while also acting as a coloring agent in certain copper alloys. 

Rutile’s golden strands strengthen the abilities of its host crystal. In this instance, it enhances Quartz’s healing properties for remarkable effects, remember Quartz is the grand mother stone and there is nothing she can’t work on.
Strongly affecting the astral and etheric bodies and assisting one to find the root cause of disease within the physical body. Rutilated Quartz connects us back to the lifetimes of Ancient Mu, Og and Zu.

  • Supports the respiratory and digestive systems.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Absorbs mercury poisoning from nerves, muscles, blood and the intestinal tract.
  • Revitalizes the body and slows the aging process by stimulating cell regeneration and repair.
  • Improves understanding in difficult situations so you can act appropriately.
  • Relieves feelings of depression and loneliness.
  • Provides direction and creativity to the wearer.
  • Removes self-doubt and fear
  • supports astral travel