Ruby & Kyanite Palm Stones – Earth Vibrations

Ruby & Kyanite Palm Stones

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A powerful and much needed vibration for the present moment, these Ruby & Kyanite Palm stones are a powerful tool. 

Aligning and combining of the Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra and Base Chakra, allowing for Expression, communication and the resolution of basic difficulties, issues and obstacles in a loving manner.

This mixture facilitates the immediate alignment of the Chakras but also gathers and amplifies positive energies for the Chakras. Simultaneously disallowing the accumulation or retention of negative energies or vibrations. The kyanite part of this combination manifests a sweeping energy, transforming any negative which approaches, into a radiant clear and positive energy. The Ruby portion providing one with protection and security.

Assisting the kundalini, astro travel, lucid dreaming, dream recall, dream interpretation, balancing of the Yin and Yang, intellectual growth, circulation, fevers, detoxification, muscular system, parathyroid glands and the brain.