Rhodochrosite Tumble Stones – Earth Vibrations

Rhodochrosite Tumble Stones

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Rhodochrosite is such a beautiful stone varying in colour from light pink to a deep rich pink. Rhodochrosite is known as the stone of Love and Balance, bringing love to all layers of Self .

Said to link Heart, Sacral and Base Rhodochrosite allows us to gently let go of what has deeply wounded us through the vibration of forgiveness and to manifest new worlds for ourselves that bring us joy. 

They say wearing this stone can bring about encounters with our twin flames when we direct the energy in such a manner. It is also a powerful Earth healing stone and through the vibration of love and joy allows us to send some healing energy to our Mother Earth.

Removes denial and avoidance, expands ones consciousness, and helps integrate new concepts, ideas and information. Soothing to our emotions , stimulating to our body, balancing for the mind and filling us with self love why would you want this stone around you.

Great for intestines, digestion, internal infections, skin, pulse, heart, thyroid, self love, healing from abuse, relationships, avoidance, denial, manifesting. 
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