Reiki Workshop- Level 1 – Earth Vibrations
Reiki Workshop- Level 1

Reiki Workshop- Level 1

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Reiki is a Traditional Japanese Practice of hands on Healing created by Dr Mikao Usui. The purpose of Reiki is to work for the "highest good". It will connect you to the Universal Energy of Unconditional Love. It is a Life Changing Commitment one Karen lives her life by and takes honour in Teaching to others.

Many start Reiki because they have a desire to help others not realizing that Reiki will in deed help them. Reiki is a beautiful Life Changing Experience that creates a pathway of Healing for Everyone.

Karen first started her journey with Reiki back in 2004 and became a Master in 2010 under the ever watchful eye of her Reiki Master Lorelei Adams. Karen has initiated many students to Reiki with several completing their own journeys to become Masters themselves. 

level One is a full days training and continued mentoring through your cleanse and real life experiences is something that Karen offers through the commitment of being Your chosen Reiki Master. Karen wants nothing more than to see you grow.One of her favourite saying is "my students are my greatest teachers". As you grow I grow.

Wear comfortable clothing, bring a lite lunch and an open heart and mind, Namaste....

During Level One we will Cover-

-what is Reiki

-Story of Reiki


-Principles of reiki

-Power of thought and Touch

-Causes of Disease



-Experiences while giving or receiving Reiki

-General Guidelines

-Hand Positions

-The 4 level One Symbols

-Uses of Reiki

-Frequently asked Questions


-Moving to the Next Level

To book Please check our Facebook page for Dates and Availabilities or contact Karen directly on 041510026

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