Rainbow Obsidian Hearts – Earth Vibrations

Rainbow Obsidian Hearts

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Rainbow Obsidian is known as "the stone of Pleasure".

Bringing and encouraging guidance about, or to, ones romantic relationships or areas of love, bringing gratification and enjoyment.

Rainbow Obsidian brings light and love into ones life and allows for ones spiritual side to be recognized easily.

Depending on what colours are being displayed in the rainbow of the Obsidian, will depend on what chakras it opens and activates.

These Pieces are from Mexico and are a beautiful quality and throw incredible colour when placed under light or in direct sunlight. From a distance they just seem like a shiny black heart until you place them under the light to reveal there very own unique magic. No two pieces are the same. 

E. weighs 143.40 grams,  incredible gold with a soft pink hue as you move it. 

F. weighs 137.90 grams, gold, pinks and purples

G. weighs 155.30 grams, mostly greens.

H. Sold

Please remember to message us if you have a preference and i will update the list as they sell, thank you Kaz. 0415160026