Rainbow Fluorite Unicorn – Earth Vibrations

Rainbow Fluorite Unicorn

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Such deep striking shades of purple in this large Rainbow Fluorite Unicorn, displaying a white eye and the bottom half of the horn and chest.

Rainbow Fluorite is the perfect stone for shielding against psychic attack, removing ethrical cords and the negativity of those around us. Promoting self sufficiency and helping us to realise that our happiness does not and should not rest in the hands of others.

Rainbow Fluorite is calming and cooling allowing Mental Mastery. If you are disorganized Mentally and it is flowing outwards into your physical world this is the stone or remedy for you. 

Used at the third eye it will allow you to access the Akashic Record of self and help you better understand your life's purpose. It can be successfully used on all chakras for Activation.

Fluorite is beneficial for the Indigo and Star children of this world encouraging the connection to Angelic Realms and Guides. 

When having a healing Fluorite will open pathways for the mind to understand what needs to be released so the body can heal, especially trauma.  

Used by the Sharmans of Brazil facilitating connection to the multidimensional pathways and traversing the realities of physicality. 

Weighing 306.2 grams and measuring 11.5 cm high x 9 cm wide.

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