Que Sera Tumbles – Earth Vibrations
Que Sera Tumbles

Que Sera Tumbles

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Que Sera stones contain a variety of minerals including quartz, feldspa, kaolinite, iron oxides, magnetite, clinozoisite and leucozene. The stones are very high density, so they take on a very lustrous polish and are quite striking. 

Multi-Dimensional Healing Stone, Que Sera, aka Vulcanite, are new-age stones with this unusual vibration that is amazing and completely different. Looking into the crystal will bring a sparkle to one's eyes, a shine to one's life and a substance to one's aspirations.

 letting you stand in your own power, Que Sera means “what will be”, but with this stone, the future definitely is yours to co-create. With Que Sera there are no mistakes, only learning experiences.

This stone brings energy through to you via the higher chakras. Que Sera crystals vibrate within a number of chakras and are a pleasure to use. This creates an effect on all of the different planes... physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and psychic. It is an excellent stone to help you when you are stressed as it brings through calmness and serenity.

Its vibration works a bit like plugging you into an extra power source. This energy can be compared to recharging your batteries, and it works both physically and energetically, bringing through deep healing. This crystal also aids protection from electromagnetic energy given off by computers, so is an excellent stone to grid rooms where you are using electronic equipment.