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Pyrite Skull

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Smooth as a button I couldn’t help but rub this guys head, he feels ancient and wise, almost like he was lecturing me hahaha(made me smile). He happens to be one of the smallest skulls I have recently acquired but definitely one of the boldest. Straight ward, no nonsense advice from this being let’s say.

Pyrite asks ….
Are you tired, depressed, suffering with anxiety, panic attacks, low life force, have a lowered immune system? Then possibly I am your answer!

Pyrite is a mental based, masculine stone that works with the energy of the sun at our Soul Star Chakra, encouraging communication between the higher self and the physical self resulting in a shield of Light around Self.

Pyrite allows us to shine brightly and confidently in our own light banishing negativity, darkness, ill health, and physically dangerous situations.

Encourages higher communication, channelling, Universal truth, Light Language, and healing on a RNA & DNA level.

Unity of mind & emotion in one Simultaneous action is the healing powers of Crystalline Skull Consciousness. There are 13 skulls buried deep within the Earth assisting us with this very purpose. 

 Weighing 1.116 kgs and measuring 20cm from chin over the skull to base x 7 cm wide x 9 cm high.