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Prehnite with Flowers Macrame Necklace

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Wow what a morning, you know when you have a day where you think you know exactly what you’re going to do well today was one of those days. I ventured out into the back garden for my daily practice and BOOM my guides came in so strong and guided me to instantly drop all my plans and create this necklace.

I was instructed to collect this piece from the healing room and weave it in the back yard and to be fully present observing all the messages.

As I began to weave the basket a large pidgeon joined me and I instantly notice the iridescent purple banding around his neck and correlated it to the throat chakra and the energy of St. Germain and the purple flames of transmutation. To the soul that this Crystal is seeking please be mindful of the way you communicate and express yourself it’s coming from a place of wounding not your heart chakra. Let the purple rays of transmutation turn that fiery expressive communication into the vibration of calm truth and love.

As I continued Weaving the words loud and clear were heard in my mind “the Feels of Abandonment  Are Real”, and I couldn’t help but cry and have a moment of sharing in your wounding. As I closed my eyes and breathed deep asking for help I felt the gentle winds brush over my face and the presence of Archangel Raphael join me. Its time this wounding was healed. At my back I felt the presence of Archangel Michael step in,the heat and the energy of the sun grew stronger on my skin and the wind blew harder until there was absolute stillness and I opened my eyes. In front on me on the grass where to peace doves (a couple), I continued weaving.

Needing a pen and paper to write this down as I knew there was more to come I stood up and as I stood up Upon a leaf I saw a cocoon, a butterfly chrysalis, we all know what happens inside the cocoon right, everything turns to mush and then the beautiful butterfly from the very genetics is reconstructed and rebirth. To the soul this Crystal is seeking its time to let go of  your wounding, it’s time to heal, it’s time to take down your walls, it’s time to speak your truth calmly gently lovingly it’s time to step in to the new you. I cried some more.

To the soul this crystal is seeking, you have been through so much but the healing is done, spread your wings and nest. Yes nest, it was at that moment those two (couple) of peace doves joined each other in the clump of bamboo where they are building a nest🙏🏻. 

Now for the interesting part, here is what Australian Prehnite exhibiting flowers means....

Prehnite with flowers has shown to assist one in leaving behind the old and getting on with the new. The energy brings the ability for finality such that one “never needs to look back” it further assist one in getting over those crisies and those persons that are in one’s past.

It is a stone of Romance, Bringing both the energy and the beauty of flowers to the holder. It has been used to replace the giving of flowers in order that the energy will be everlasting. An energy also for connection between the heart chakra and the crown chakra, it has both elevated and furthered romantic pursuits.

Prehnite with flowers has been shown to be quite effective in the treatment of post traumatic stress, to assist in the release of issues remaining from childhood, teenage years, and even from adulthood in the case where one did not allow the release of trauma.

When it’s on it’s on, can’t make this shit up right.

To the Soul that this Crystal is seeking, thank you it’s always an honour, as you heal I heal love Kaz 💙

One off, one only, hand made with love by Kaz, now being charged in our sacred garden by the Fae🙏🏻