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Prehnite Spheres with Rulite & Epidote

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Wow what a combination, three power houses in one. I had no idea when I ordered these babies how amazing they would be. The perfect combination for Safety in Healing, Safety in Choice, Obtaining Stability, Experiencing Growth and Manifesting Abundance..... 

These are our small Spheres you willl find a medium and large also listed . 
Prehnite - is Activating and Protective and is often used in gridding. Gridding with prehnite will bring cohesiveness and calmness to an environment or individual.  Prehnite is great for the dream state and encourages remembrance of dreams.

Prehnite allows inner Knowing and will help connect us to outer world beings and guides. Prehnite that exhibits flowering can be useful for the treatment of childhood trauma, post-traumatic stress, and leaving behind the past. 

Rutile - When found in another Crystalline structure brings strength with love, ease in transition, growth in all avenues of one’s development, calm, reason, and order. Rutile is the stone for “stabilization”, of relationships, marriages, mental health processes, and emotional and physical in balances. Repelling negativity, supporting healing, activating protection both energetically and physically. 

Epidote - attracting the many currencies of abundance will certainly support your life to flourish. Dispelling critical-ness and enhancing Perception, participation, interaction, and personal power. Supporting the nervous system, skin,  the brain and thyroid. 

Each Sphere is so very different, weighing between 220 grams to 280 grams, most spheres circumferences measures approximately 18cm, the size of a small mandarin.