Pink Tourmaline Spheres – Earth Vibrations

Pink Tourmaline Spheres

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Pink tourmaline is Known as the "Gift of Love".

Instilling trust and confidence Pink Tourmaline simply gifts the heart chakra back the vibrations of Love, allowing hurt and trauma from the past to be healed through forgiveness.

Supporting us to understand and be conscious of the unlimited nature of love that resides in oneself so that we may be open and share that with everyone and everything.

Stimulates and aligns the heart and crown chakras . 

Promotes Peace and Joy through change and growth.

On a physical level Pink Tourmaline has been said to encourage the bodies systems in particular, the endocrine system, to communicate correctly especially when disease is present.

Great for the Lungs, heart and skin. 

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B. weighs 714.9 grams diameter measures 25.5cm

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