Pietersite Bracelet – Earth Vibrations

Pietersite Bracelet

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This Stone, Pietersite truly excites me and I believe was key in helping my third eye Activation happen. I would highly recommend these bracelets be worn on the left wrist for energy coming into the body.

Pietersite is said to be the "Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven" dispelling illusion and allowing one to recognise the beauty of the Soul, the Self and One's world.

Aligning all energy centres, grounding us to our etheric body so we may travel the spheres and access the Akashic records and outer worlds.

Bringing Brotherhood, loving guidance, dignified power and loyalty to self, so we may have the ultimate experience of life. Returns personal power and gifts that we may have allowed others to misuse or manipulate.

Supporting us to stay open minded to each experience in life with courage, tenacity, and dauntless effort to both create and maintain beauty in our lives.

Stimulating the pituitary gland and the proper regulation of the endocrine system for hormonal balance, body temperature, sexual drive, blood pressure and metabolism. Helps support a weakened Nervous System. 

Pietersite is the Journey Maker and is considered a Star Child Crystal, bringing Confidence, Faith and Self Trust.  

One size fits all.