Phosphosiderite Bracelets – Earth Vibrations

Phosphosiderite Bracelets

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These phosphosiderite Bracelets are hard to find, an excellent quality and one size fits all.

Phosphosiderite is a great stone, assisting you in bonding with your spirit guides, creating a stronger connection to living a more spiritual life. 

Bringing life equilibrium and stability,  it is a good stone that may help you in accessing the past life reminiscences, by opening the third eye.

 Phosphosiderite possesses a soft, soothing vibration, which may relieve stress and aids in Soul Growth.

Using this stone for meditation will allow the healing properties that it has to reverberate with all of your chakras. Throughout the meditation, the reverberation of the phosphosiderite is actually aligned in the higher heart, heart, the thymus & the 3rd eye chakras.