Petrified Wood Heart Extra Large – Earth Vibrations
Petrified Wood Heart Extra Large

Petrified Wood Heart Extra Large

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This amazing Petrified Wood heart is from Indonesia and is 20 millions years old. Measuring 37cm across, 33cm high and is very thick. I recommend this piece be local pick up only. 

Petrified Wood is a very grounding stone that allows us through meditation to access knowledge about our past lives.

Providing strength, support, understanding Petrified wood brings a soothing energy to any healing crisis or stressful experience. It allows us to understand why we are experiencing something so we may learn and never have to repeat the process again.

Great for the back, skeletal system, incontinence, paralysis, hair, muscles, stress, worry, ceremony, grounding, learning, understanding, success and past lives.

If you would like to view this item in our private Studio please contact kaz to make a time on 0415160026.

Definitely A Collectors Specimen.