Pegasus Oracle – Earth Vibrations

Pegasus Oracle

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Pegasus Oracle Cards by Alana Fairchild are affirmations and guidance to uplift your spirit.

A pure embodiment of grace, strength and divine protection the winged horse invite each one of us to live with confidence and trust in the light.
The presence of Pegasus is a sign of our eminent success! His spiritual empowerment teaches us that no matter how challenging or impossible our victory may seem, we will always find our way. Pegasus is our guardian, igniting hope in our hearts and opening our minds to beautiful creative possibilities. Beneath his luminous wings, he finds sanctuary and inspiration to grow the embody our Higher self. Connect with Pegasus at a soul level with inspired guidance and affirmations to infuse your heart with courage and faith. Uplift your spirit with long lasting positivity that frees you from the bounds of learned limitation and karmic obstacles. Ask a question choose a card and reconnect with a loving truth of Pegasus for clear direction from higher spiritual perspective. It is time to light up your life!