Orange Calcite Natural Freeform XL – Earth Vibrations

Orange Calcite Natural Freeform XL

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This chuck of Natural Orange Calcite is XL weighing well over 3 kgs and displaying stunningly deep hues  of orange to the more softer paler shades. Waxy and smooth, the touch of this calcite is so good, such a high quality piece.

Orange Calcite is a great source of energy for the sacral and solar plexus chakras, clearing and activating as it works its magic. 
At the crown and 3rd eye chakras Orange Calcite supports connection, channeling, Astro travelling, and rememberence. Tapping us into the universal grid as a world teacher Orange Calcite reminds us and the mind that anything is possible.

Encouraging us to express and be creative it is certainly a stone to explore the arts and sciences.

Orange Calcite can be used to eradicate dis ease within the physical body. Supporting calcium assimilation, De-calcification of bone growth,correct function of the kidneys, spleen, & pancreas.

Activate your calcite by placing it between the palms of your hands and apply gentle pressure.

 Measuring H 18cm x W 16 cm weighing over 3 kgs.